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Arco is a mobile game for zen focus, set to launch this spring. Inspired by the ancient art of shadow puppetry, Arco mixes a classic arcade style with peace-inducing interactions to engineer a new kind of calm. Follow your dragon as you maintain the balance of energy in the world around you. Dodge avalanches, cut through the tide, and defy shadows of the past as you unlock new ways to build harmony in the universe.

"Arco is a new kind of game, it's for more than just fun" says producer Shannon Mitchell. "Video games have been shown to help decrease stress and improve mood. We've used research to develop a game that does both." Arco uses moment to moment harmonious interactions to help sooth players. More importantly, it's designed for those who need it most. Legend Has It Studio made this game with adults in mind. "Although games are often thought of as for children, they offer a lot of real benefits for adults with stressful and busy lives."

Unlike other games, Arco has no combat. It's about protection, and non-violent play. Each level is built to resemble real positive human interactions in a way that puts the player in control. "Arco is about creating simple peace. It's easy to pick up and play when you have few minutes, so that no matter how busy you are, you can stay focused and centered. Those who have tried it say that it's really made a difference in their daily lives."

With calming soundtracks, beautiful yet understated artwork, and easy to follow controls, Arco brings a bit of zen to your smartphone. Arco will be released in April of 2016 for iOS and Android.


Arco 9.6.0.zip 31 MB
Arco_0_9_6.apk 37 MB
Arco Mac.zip 37 MB

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